Q.  What does the Genuardi Family Foundation do?

A.The Genuardi Family Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that meet its eligibility requirements. The Core Grant Program is the main grantmaking program of the Foundation and is an open competitive grant process. The Major Grant Program is initiated by the Board of Directors and is by invitation only.

Q.  Who is eligible for Core Grant Program funding?

A.  Eligible applicants are 501(c)(3) organizations whose programs further the Foundation’s mission and values, provide direct services in at least one priority area (food access and security, homelessness prevention and housing, and job training and placement) and deliver programs in Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, and/or Bucks Counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Q.  Who is NOT eligible for Core Grant funding?

A.  The Foundation does not grant to individuals, capital or endowment campaigns, political, fraternal, and/or civic organizations. Additionally, we do not participate in annual appeals, special event sponsorship requests, or other letters of solicitation. A complete list of exclusions is available here.

Q.  We think our nonprofit organization is eligible for a Core Grant. How can we make a grant request?

A.  All Core Grant Program applicants are required to submit an online Letter of Inquiry (LOI) before being invited to apply for a grant. LOIs will only be accepted through our online application process. Before submitting an LOI, please review our Core Grant Program funding parameters here to ensure your organization meets our eligibility requirements.

A response to your LOI will be sent via email in a timely manner. If invited to submit a full grant application, the applicant then must follow specific guidelines established by the Genuardi Family Foundation. If no response is received, please contact the Foundation at: Info@GenuardiFamilyFoundation.org.

Q.  What is the timeline for the Core Grant Program application and decisions?

A.  Please visit our Core Grant Program page for a detailed timeline. For our next Core Grant cycle, the Foundation will accept LOIs between January 4 and February 1, 2019. LOIs must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on February 1 or they will not be accepted.

Q.  Can we apply for more than one Core Grant grant within a single 12-month period?

A.  No. Applicants may apply only once to the Foundation in any 12-month period.

Q.  My nonprofit organization is a past grantee of the Genuardi Family Foundation. Do I need to submit a Letter of Inquiry for the Core Grant Program?

A.  Yes. All applicants are required to submit a new Letter of Inquiry each year, regardless of whether or not they have received funding in prior years.

Q.  How can my nonprofit organization be considered for a Major Grant?

A.  The Foundation’s Major Grant program is initiated by the Board of Directors and is by invitation only. We do not accept unsolicited requests.

Q.  Who selects the Foundation’s grant recipients?

A.  Grant recipients are selected by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Q.  Does the Foundation support capital campaigns or equipment purchase requests?

A.  The Foundation generally does not support capital campaign requests, including the purchase or replacement of equipment, through the Core Grant Program.

Q.  Does the Genuardi Family Foundation fund general operating support in the Core Grant Program?

A.  Yes. The Foundation will accept both general operating support and program-specific requests in the Core Grant Program.

Q.  Does the Genuardi Family Foundation make multi-year grants?

A.  Yes. Multi-year grants are awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors. An additional application or process is not required to be considered for a multi-year grant.

Q.  How are site visits arranged?

A.  The Foundation utilizes site visits to applicant organizations to experience their missions in action. Visits are made to meet the beneficiaries of charitable work, to see services delivered firsthand, and to observe projects or programs that the Foundation has funded or is currently evaluating. The Foundation may contact your organization to schedule a site visit as an additional tool in its application review process.

Q.  May I submit a hard copy letter of inquiry, application, or grant report?

A.  No. All parts of the Foundation’s process are online.

Q.  Looking at the Foundation’s 990-PF, why do I see grants made outside the Foundation’s stated Core Grant Program geographic parameters and issue areas?

A.  The Foundation reserves the right to make grants to pre-selected organizations with which it has had a historical relationship through our Major Grant Program. This may include organizations that fall outside of our new Core Grant Program areas of interest and/or organizations that serve communities outside the Core Grant Program geographic parameters.

Q.  What kind of publicity does the Foundation seek for its grants?

A.  The Foundation does not seek recognition for its philanthropic activities. However, we recognize the value a grantee organization may find in leveraging its foundation funding to demonstrate support for its programs and attract additional resources. The Genuardi Family Foundation requests the right to approve all public uses of its name. Please see our Statement on Publicity.

Q.  Is the Genuardi Family Foundation affiliated with Genuardi Family Markets?

A.  No. The Genuardi Family Foundation is entirely separate from Genuardi Family Markets, which was sold by the Genuardi family in 2001.